We are passionate about our business and are committed to forging good working relationships with our clients this involves constant care and consideration of their needs. So we put customer service at the top of our list, we believe that if you are trusting us to let your house or flat then we owe you a service that exceeds your expectations

Letting your property can be a stressful and emotional time. Our aim is to use our expertise to help you avoid losing out financially with your let. We evaluate your property and make recommendations to maximise your rental return and minimise void periods and attract quality tenants. We aim to be approachable so that it is easy for you to discuss property matters with us and knowledgeable so that we can provide information and solutions that will be tailored to your requirements and ultimately lead to a stress free experience for yourselves

Most part time landlords have neither the knowledge nor time to manage their properties. Difficult situations often arise that cost the landlord both time and money, the long-term letting agent should save their landlord more than their management fees

As a letting agent we have to be understanding, open-minded, tolerant but firm too. Our work involves handling a lot of confrontational situations ,which can only be resolved by having a clear understanding of all legal requirements. Our experienced staff can guide you through this potential minefield.

So deciding to become a landlord? Looking at profit and risk? Forecasting your letting profitably? Having problems with your letting agent or tenants? Unhappy with the level of service you have received in the past? Then contact us for that quality that counts.


As a tenant having the right property management company is as important as finding the right property, knowing your deposit is secure and that the property is being professionally managed provides reassurance and comfort in that issues will be dealt with as they occur.

We maintain a database of quality properties available to rent as properties become available. Our first action is to contact prospective tenants whose requirements match that to the property.

Our Services

Partap Property Co offers three types of service

  1. Letting introduction service at 2 weeks of the Gross Rent payable throughout the full term of the tenancy (disregarding any option to terminate by either party) and for any extension or renewal thereafter. We will prepare particulars of the Landlord’s Property, and will apply for references from each tenant. We will prepare necessary Tenancy Agreements, relevant notices and arrange for the signing of the same once agreement between the Landlord and Tenant has been made. The landlord will be responsible for the collection of rent payments on a monthly calendar basis, following the initial collected rent at the start of the tenancy.  Partap Property Co Ltd will not be acting as your managing agent and will not be held responsible for any actions of your tenant during the agreed fixed term.  We will not be involved or liable with any tenancy or deposit disputes on your behalf.

  2. Letting and Rent collection service at 10% of the Gross Rent payable throughout the full term of the tenancy (disregarding any option to terminate by either party) and for any extension or renewal thereafter, in addition to providing the services referred to under the Letting introduction service above, we will make arrangements for the collection of the monthly rent in respect of the Landlord’s Property, and upon receipt of the same, pay to you or your nominated bank/ building society account that amount, in addition notifying you on a monthly basis the rent received. Rent will be paid to you within 10 working days of rent actually being received and cleared.

  3. Full Management Service at 2 weeks intro & 4 % Monthly of the Gross Rent for the Period of the agreed Tenancy in addition to the Letting introduction service and Letting and Rent collection service referred to above. We will assist in arranging the tenants’ occupation and vacation of the property and arrange at least two inspections during the tenant’s occupation. In addition, Partap Property Co Ltd will assist tenants of the procedure for registering all the appropriate services (electricity, gas, council tax, water) into the tenants name for the supply of such services during the Tenancy Agreement.

To register your interest call into our office where we will be pleased to discuss your exact needs or if you are new to renting identify the key issues. Alternatively call us on 020 8470 2928 or e-mail us on

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